My Seasonal Yoga practice is focused on strengthening and lengthening both through mind and body.

I work with a blend of Ashtanga Yoga, flowing the practice in line with the seasonal elements and related organs. I work with 5 seasons (Spring, Summer, Late Summer, Autumn and Winter) throughout the year linking with the related energy lines (Chi – meridians) within our body. This is both a physical and an educational practice as we journey through the seasons.

Yin – improves circulation and flexibility and is calming and balancing whether you lack energy or have way too much energy (hyper state).

Yin Yoga will work into your connective tissue (your fascia, tendons, ligaments) these tissues need stressed to ensure optimal health. These Yin tissues are less elastic and need stressed to keep you hydrated (and youthful)! Synovial fluid gets less watery with age, we are less hydrated (without Yin) hence we might think the body is gritty or grinding more as we get older.

Our Yin Yoga class will increase your energy levels this is both a physical and mental practice as we challenge both our mind and our bodies to hold the ‘shapes’ (postures) for 3-5 minutes.

A posture (asana) based class, working with a blend of hatha yoga linking to our Ashtanga Vinyasa flow. This can be a dynamic, challenging and energetic class where we connect with the postures using our breath and dynamically flowing through our vinyasa’s in a guided and mindful way.  You will find yourself smile throughout the class, feeling your breath and challenging your body!

Either a Hot Yin Yoga focused class or a Hot Flow Yoga (posture based class), you will be taught in a purpose built hot yoga studio heated to around 40 degrees celsius (amazing calorie burner).

The Heat

At the beginning you might find that the heat, combined with intense Yoga exercise, is challenging. You can always sit through a posture during the class, (I recommend you avoid leaving the room during the class so you can become accustom to the heat.  You will get used to the heat quickly).

It will help you progress in your practice, preparing your body in this way will allow you to work safer and deeper into the muscles and/or the connective tissue (Yin). Sweating in this Hot Yoga way will clean your body of toxins and leave your skin feeling fantastic!

Enjoy a personal 1-2-1 session with Leigh or come along with friends for a small group class and benefit from a more focused and supported session.

A gentle Yin to Yang (hot) Flow followed by deep relaxation in Yoga Nidra. The workshop will run for 90 minutes, followed by light refreshments and a healthy snacks.  A fantastic and revitalising way to start any day (this workshop is generally hosted in the morning).

A slow Yin practice focusing on your breath, mindfully practicing, mediating whilst you hold the shapes (postures).

Being present in the moment is a wonderful concept, switching of devices, listening (actively listening) not thinking about the next thing to say or do or to be done! A mindfulness practice can increase clarity of mind, bring balance, increased energy and a zest for life also increasing your own self awareness and awareness towards others.

Meditation can be daunting at first, like anything new practicing and taking your time, giving yourself the time and the space to explore a new experience with new sensations. Guided meditation is one way to get you started – I can share this with you at a 121 session or during a class.

As a nutritionist for physical activity I offer advice and guidance in line with nationally recognised guidelines. My intention is to promote a concept of health and wellbeing and not just avoidance of disease.

Creating some fabulous and fun juices for a good ‘detox’ helping cleanse our digestive system and help focus the mind, giving us clarity and strength, if you would like to try some of the recipes, please click here to view them.

Yoga classes in action

At Anahata Yoga we explore seasonal living and the seasonal impact on our overall wellness and life. To find out more information on our different locations, our schedule and how we can meet your needs, please get in touch.